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how it all began

How one man went from providing customer service with a smile and a slogan something we can all use everyday.

It all started in the oil patch of fort mcmurray alberta

4 years ago I was working up north in Fort McMurray Alberta. I was running a shuttle bus north of Fort Mcmurray. I would say YaYa to allot of people when they asked me if I can do something for them. So everyone started calling me YaYa. Then as I continued to say YaYa everyone else started saying YaYa as well. Then they would go home on days off all over the country then when they came back from days off they would say to me that they would go home and say YaYa and that now everyone that they knew would also start to say YaYa. I was YaYa that’s the YaYa Nation that’s how the idea began. It was a reoccurring thought and eventually I decided to create a logo then start a business to get it off the ground and share my idea with the world.

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Why YaYa Nation?

We wanted to create something in fashion that provides a certain joy in people. There can be no limit  as to what we can do.  A comfortable style of clothing and accessories for people and pets. Something to unite everyone when the world says YaYa nation wide. It was a thought that was reoccurring for 4 years, so we decided to make it  a real thing. We are in a time as to where we do not know what lies ahead in our future. 

Ya Ya Nation provides something people can be certain of

We want it to make a statement. Show that with hard work and focus anything can be possible. Our biggest hope is that yaya nation will be in every part of the world, every home ,every closet ,every yard, on every street, in every town, city, country, to provide great quality for a great price.

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